Frequently Asked Questions

What program should we start with?

It depends on the needs of your child, but we recommend the Teen Talk Group Program which focuses on discovering their best selves through tools like gratitude, making connections with peers, embracing their uniqueness, and making personal goals. Afterwards, our Grace + Grind private sessions will take the tools learned from the group and use it to create an individual action plan. Teens will make positive changes emotionally, mentally, physically, and academically.

What age kids do you work with?

I work with middle and and high-school students. Each coaching program is tailored to the specific age group.

Are you a counselor?

For nearly a decade I’ve worked with teens as a high-school counselor in Milford, CT.  I understand the school setting, social dynamic, abilities of the counseling department. Coupled with my coaching skills, I have a unique ability to connect with teens and move them from where they are now to where they want to be.

How do I know if my teen needs a life coach?

All teens can greatly benefit from life coaching. Here are some of the needs of our clients (one or more may pertain to your child):

Calming Techniques and Coping Strategies

Social Fears

  • Making friends
  • Socializing with peers
  • Managing school situations

Fear of Not Doing Well

  • Workload is overwhelming
  • Their school/activity responsibilities are too much
  • Certain situations are making them nervous

Mindset Shift, Increasing Motivation and Self Confidence

Fear That They Don’t Want to Do Well

  • They don’t care about school.
  • They don’t care about not attending.
  • They have negative feelings and are not sure how to change that.

Academic Support

Fear of Failing

  • They are missing work
  • They don’t hand in assignments on time
  • They are failing tests
  • They don’t know how to manage their workload

Are your programs virtual or in-person?

We have both a virtual and in-person option for our Grace + Grind private program. However, Teen Talk is most effective in-person.

How long are your coaching programs and what is the format?

Typically our coaching programs are 8 weeks long except our Teen Parent Workshop which is a single session either privately or in a group setting. The format is very informative, hands-on often with activities, and of course we make it fun! Private Coaching is 30 minutes, while group is 45 minutes – we understand the busy schedules of teens!

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