1:1 Coaching

Social / Emotional / Healthy Habits:

  • establishing a professional and trusting relationship with private coach
  • provide a safe space for thoughts and feelings.
  • reframing thoughts into positive and using new energy to move forward
  • supporting client on their journey to become a strong and independent adult
  • learn new healthy habits and mindfulness skills
  • provide weekly exercises focused on the client’s area of growth

Goal Setting:

  • create an individual action plan to make positive changes emotionally, mentally, physically and academically
  • creating a growth mindset
  • review thoughts that are blocking progress
  • progress tracking and celebrating the small wins

Young Adult Services: College Applications:

  • understand what tasks to complete prior to applying
  • create deadlines of when to accomplish each task
  • organize your list of school
  • determine which schools are reach, match or safety
  • finalize your college deadlines
  • work on your applications with support
  • learn exactly what to ask your school counselor regarding school specific needs

Young Adult Services: Career and Future Planning

  • understanding your strengths and weakness
  • explore interests and potential career opportunities
  • complete career aptitude and personality tests
  • reflection and debrief of test

12 weeks of 45 min sessions


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